Winter 2022/2023 Nippers

Lee RobertsonNippers

Winter Swimming for Nippers begins at Camelford Pool on Sunday 6th November at 11 am.

We We have made the decision to charge a subscription for winter pool season in two payments of £30 to cover 6th November to 30th December 2022 and 30th December to Easter 2023

Payment can be made by using the below buttons or cash at the pool at the start of the period.

It is possible to pay a per session price of £5 on the day please contact us in advance if you wish to choose this.

We are aware of the rising cost of living and the impact this will be having on everyone. If you think you may struggle to pay as detailed above, we are happy to make arrangements with individuals. Please get in touch with the club secretary to discuss.

We must book and pay for the sessions in advance. If a shortfall remains at the end of the winter season we will cover this – we are planning some fundraising over the coming months, however we would be grateful to hear from all members/parents if they are able to fundraise on the clubs behalf or have ideas of how to raise money in other ways.